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Tuning a Guitar – What should you tune to

Tuning a Guitar – What Should You Tune to?

An electric guitar really does sound a lot better when it’s in tune. Even the nicest, priciest, most gorgeous fourteen thousand dollar special edition...
Learn Electric Guitar Fast

Learn Electric Guitar Fast

So you are learning electric guitar, and unsatisfied with the pace you have set? Learning to play any sort of instrument does largely come down...
Musical Instrument

Other Factor for Choosing the Musical Instrument

The readiness in the body is again the factor at must consider because of playing musical instrument some kind that play must have the...
The Theory of Studying and Correct Training Music.jpg

The Theory of Studying and Correct Training Music

Before you start to learn and play the music you need to understand about the music theory and how to train the music correctly....
Music Producer

Tips to be a Successful Producer

Creativity – Making beats is an art – no doubt about that. Most people just hear the instrumental but only real hip hop...