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Before you start to learn and play the music you need to understand about the music theory and how to train the music correctly. Theory and correct training it will can help you to learning and understand about the music fast and make easy what you want to know about music.
This below is information why you must to know theory of the music and how you can have the correct training your music :

The Theory of Studying

The theory studying at first time I don’t understand why we are learn for? because, it will should not is valuable in practice and I think many person may has suspect like me really, the theory studying at the first stage we will feel as if study in order to give know the format or the possibility of the chord, scale and the key for to get understand what to play at the beginning but, really that theory has the profundity more than if a teacher who can advise how is the thing that us has studied to apply in playing? such as theory of chord study if bring try to understand in the song it will make practice the music has fast to go up better than a person who never to study about the chord will to read the notes each two goes to continually which time-consuming more than and unless the music practice has fast understanding in that chord if bring integrate with the understanding about music format then we will can develop to the translation the song that has the understanding in structure more and more as well.

Correct Training

The heart of music playing is the training and the heart of training is must know how to training? And training for? good music training is not has ended play round two round then tell to practice already because that only play from beginning to end only we can know we are have the good quality training or not will can know after already practices that we have the improves go up to next level or not? may no change be fast but will have different something originally from always we will should use the promises or intend with oneself for each round practice keep that play this round we must have the something improve more preceding round which if we intend to keep like this the each time for practice as if we play this new music every time because we have the attention to build the newness all the time differ with playing like aimlessly continuously and although hundred round practice do not differ originally from.

In about the good training technique is the thing that almost everyone famous music instructor will like to emphasize is at the beginning is about the relax, the relax will born from natural sitting manner sit straight back and not saggy or condense, bilateral sole beside lay adjoin the ground, do not sit with legs crossed or stretch foot including, relaxation both arm so that will can send power from the body to the key smoothly.

So, the theory studying and training in a correct way that are the very significant step in music every kind education because it will help to give us can have the development in playing that can improve quickly and is all kind correct play theoretically the correctly training and the regulation follows the step that lays to keep we must keep intend to train only we will can study the music has happily and can succeed finally. So, you should have to do the training according to your plans strictly.


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